Lynx B.V., organizační složka

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Lokalizace firmy

  • Praha
  • EU

Typ firmy

  • Firma, malá (do 30 zaměstanců)

O firmě

LYNX is an online broker established in 2006 that offers execution-only services to investors throughout Europe. Clients of LYNX can trade worldwide in stocks, options, forex, futures, and similar exchange-listed securities and derivatives via the IB platform. LYNX has offices in four European cities (Amsterdam, Ghent, Berlin, and Prague), in which more than 60,000 customers are serviced across the Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland. 

Firemní kultura

LYNX stands on a set of beliefs, principles, and values. They guide us in our decisions, work, attitude, and behavior towards others. They form the basis for creating a culture that binds us together.

· Advance together: Winning by continuous progression is our aim, and our collective drive makes it happen. We love our product and our culture. Here, trust and mutual respect are the fundamentals

· Do the right thing: Integrity is king. We are honest and respectful professionals. We keep our promises and assume positive intent.

· Be an owner: We act responsible and accountable. We co-create long term solutions, don't fear mistakes, and share a feeling of mutual trust.

· Keep it simple and practical: We act straightforward and use understandable language. We dare to challenge the status quo. Our tools and services are exclusive, but we make them accessible.

· WOW our clients: We put clients first. We emulate the attitude of our founders, Jeroen and Rogier, because happy client is for life.

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